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Hearing Assessments: Hearing aid clinics conduct comprehensive hearing assessments to determine the nature and extent of an individual’s hearing loss. These assessments may involve different tests, including pure-tone audiometry, speech audiometry, and tympanometry. The results help professionals customize treatment plans and select suitable hearing aids.

They consider factors such as the degree of hearing loss, lifestyle requirements, cosmetic preferences, and budget. After the selection, they perform hearing aid fittings, adjusting the devices to ensure optimal sound amplification and comfort.

Fiona Macaulay

More About Fiona Macaulay

Fiona and her family reside in the lovely town of Port Dover within Norfolk County. She specializes in hearing screenings, assessments, hearing aid options, repairs, cleaning and wax removal.  She has created a warm and welcoming environment at Norfolk Hearing Clinic where you will feel comfortable discussing your needs. Fiona’s dedicated many years to servicing clients with hearing impairments. Her warm approach ensures you receive personalized care to enhance your hearing and communication.